Single passage / Practice Test 15 / Passage 15.1
Read the passage and choose the correct answer:
11 Calle Café
Cuenca 22334
Mr. Robert LaTaza
Starcoffee, Inc.
23 Lime St.
Tallahasee, FL 12121
June 22

Dear Mr. LaTaza:

Through years of careful research and consultation with centuries-old local coffee plantations, we have cultivated the perfect coffee bean. Shade-grown and environmentally-friendly, our new variety of coffee bean has proven to have a more pleasing flavor than anything we have ever developed among the local population. Since the bean’s sublime flavor has proven to be a success with taste-testers in Ecuador, we would now like to share our secret with you!

It is our hope that customers in the U.S. will be interested in experiencing the intense flavor of these beans. The enclosed complimentary package of coffee should be enough to convince your taste buds that these beans are richer and more flavorful than any previously available. If you wish to see where this new coffee bean originates, please consider visiting our plantation in Cuenca at your convenience. Our staff will be happy to offer you a free tour and taste testing. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Roberto Calabaza
Cuenca Coffee Ltd.
1. C7151. What is the purpose of the letter?
A. To request a review of a product
B. To send discount coupons
C. To present a new product
D. To fill an order
2. C7151. What has Mr. Calabaza enclosed with the letter?
A. An invoice
B. A free sample
C. An order form
D. A plane ticket to Ecuador
3. C7151. What is NOT mentioned in the letter?
A. Cuenca Coffee has developed a new type of coffee bean.
B. Mr. Calabaza wants to find a market in the United States
C. Mr. LaTaza has previously visited Cuenca Coffee
D. Cuenca Coffee has tested its product on local coffee drinkers
Score: 0/3
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