Single passage / Practice Test 5 / Passage 5.3
Read the passage and choose the correct answer:
World travel tour
32 Palm Tree Biulevard
Playa del Coco, Floria, 39539
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Thoms
78 Putnam Street
River City, New York, 10131

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Thomas,

Thank you for joining the World Travel tour to Emerald Island. We look forward to seeing you at the Ocean Breezes Hotel on April 2nd. At your request we have reserved for you an ocean view room with twin beds. Please notify hotel staff in advance of your arrival if you wish to make any changes in this room arrangement.

When you check in at hotel, mention that you are a participant in the World Travel tour and the staff will inform the tour leader of your arrival. Tour participants will gather in the Ocean Breezes restaurant at 6:30 for dinner and a chance to meet each other. A complete itinerary for the tour will be distributed at that time. The tour leader will explain the tour activities and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Your hotel room and three meals a day at the hotel restaurant are included in the price of the tour. The cost of transportation between the airport and the hotel will be paid by the individual participants. I have enclosed some informational brochures that may be of interest to you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

George Harris
Assistant Director of Tours
Encl. Emerald Island Airport shuttle Schedule
Your Guide to Emerald Island
1. A753. When should Mr. and Mrs. Thomas tell the hotel if they want to change their room reservation?
A. As soon as they arrive at the hotel
B. When the tour leader arrives at the hotel
C. Before they arrive at the hotel
D. After all the tour participants have arrived at the hotel
2. A753. When will Mr. and Mrs. Thomas find out the complete tour schedule?
A. It is enclosed with the leader
B. During dinner at the hotel restaurant
C. When they check in at the hotel
D. They already know it
3. A753. The word “distributed” in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to
A. Disturbed
B. Revised
C. Itemized
D. Sent around
4. A753. Who wrote the letter?
A. A tour participant
B. A travel agency employee
C. A hotel employee
D. The tour leader
Score: 0/4
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