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Hi everyone!

My name is Vo Pham Thao Huong. I really love my name, as it has a beautiful meaning and sounds melodiously as well. However, due to a lot of trouble caused by its length, I am much more commonly known by my nicknames, among which Mantoza (a kind of sugar) being the most popular. I often say to my students in every class: “Just call me Ms Sugar, and I’ll show you how sweet I am”

I was a student at Foreign Trade University, ranking as one of the leading universities in Vietnam in competitive intellectual environment and wide – ranged cirriculum, and my major is Economics and International Businesses. Then, a “dragging-on” question arises: “Why didn’t you decide to become a banker, or an accountant, or even an economics analysist as an economics student is supposed to be?”. Well, I would say “By a twist of fate” :)

In fact, I am keen on looking into how people change after a certain process. Studying languages is such a marvelous long process, which can result in everlasting changes deeply inside one’s awareness. And it’s my honor to be the one that is capable of accelerating that process, especially by teaching TOEIC. From my own experiences, what distinguishes TOEIC from other English certificates is that TOEIC requires details, not vast knowledge. Most people lack details, as they tend to pursue everything in English without standing still for a second to think of where to stop. In the end, they get lost. And I sincerely want to help them walk slowly yet firmly, and stay away from the matrix of “how-to-do” and “what-to-learn” that has been created before.

Moreover, it dawns on me that teaching TOEIC is a great opportunity for me to come into contact with a lot of people, who are totally different in age, sex, figure, hobby.etc. As for that, I am feeling lucky because I can accumulate a lot of things from them, for example, how they communicate with each other, their own stories about life, which can easily satisfy my desire to listen to people as much as possible. Besides, some classes can really create mutual motivations between students and teacher ( I call these classes “potential”), making me work harder in order to give them lessons which are strongly-built and vivid.

Well, that’s something about me. Actually, there are some more, like:

-          My favourite Vietnamese author is Nam Cao. However, my favourite series are written by Montgomery, including: “Anne of The Green Gables”, “Anne at Edward Island”, “The Village of Avonlea”.etc
-          My favourite TV series is “Desperate Housewives”. I can’t help admiring 4 housewives’s  friendship, as they tried to protect one another no matter what happened. My favourite character is Gaby by Eva Longoria.
-          My favourite food is Banh Cuon
-          My favourite piece of clothing is short skirt, as it kinda makes my legs longer
-          My favourite saying is: What will be, will be.
-         One day, I wish that I could get married to a man who is 5 years (or more) older than me, and together we would have a small tropical wedding that take place in Hawaii. Then, I would give birth to 2 small angels who could run and play and smile like little monters (or just like Crayon Shin-chan – a comic character by Japenese author Usui)


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