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"I would like to say thank you for all of your enthusiasm" 



My name is Quynh Anh as you may know and my friends love to call me Quanh Quanh. You can all me either Quynh Anh or Quanh Quanh.

I have graduated from university for a while, in which my major was Business English. Starting to work at an early age, I have had chances to challenge myself with different types of job, which are English teacher, host, editor, reporter, interpreter, producer, personal assistant and even manager for my own little online business. Experiencing all of these jobs and getting through all of the good and bad time of each job help me to realize my life passion is all about English teaching. I have to be clear that I did not just put one leg into each job, I did work full time for a few companies; however, time passed, I loved all the works but always did I feel missing something that are teaching, going to class, seeing new faces. That is the moment I know I have to get back to teach and go on my passion path.

Another personal story, which also contributes to make me pursue teaching career is my mom’s advice. My mom loves studying and researching techniques used to estimate or evaluate or predict people’s future or simply telling people’s characteristics. I was once told that I had such a long little finger in comparison to my hand’s proportion, which meant that I should follow occupation relating to talking.



So, it is not only my passion but also my faith to teach that definitely closely involves with speaking a lot and it makes me who I am today. Personally, I think that it is not just about me choosing this career but teaching chooses me itself.

I have to admit that I feel so excited going to class, talking about English. Tiredness does not exist when I am in class with my students. It is over the moon reading all the sweet-like-honey testimonials from my students. I have kept all of the cards and emails from them greeting me on Vietnamese’s Teachers day. I feel loved being surrounded by my students and I can talk about them for hours.

I can only be myself the most when I am teaching. I am pursuing teaching as my lifetime career. Surely, I will try my best to be not only a good but also a wanted teacher.

Wish me luck!
Love you!
Hope to team up with you soon at Ms Hoa Toeic!

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